The best Czech Vodka in the world?

Still to be tried and tested, but I have fallen in love with the bottle and the story. But then perhaps I’m biased.

Babicka, the Original Wormwood Vodka revives the magic of a 500 year-old Czech witches brew.
A hypnotic blend of premium vodka distilled with the curative qualities of wormwood and other special herbs.
Distilled in Prostejov in the Czech Republic using only the finest ingredients to ensure the best quality tasting vodka.

Babicka vodka takes its name and inspiration from the 16th century ‘babickas’ of Czechoslovakia. These wise old
women, ‘grandmothers’, we revered for their mystical healing powers and use of the art of witchcraft. It was the
babickas who freely used wormwood and its extraction thujone in their potions and charms, as much for its mildly
hallucinatory effect as for it much-valued digestive properties and reputation for enhancing well-being, sensuality,
creativity and love.

The sleek design of the Babicka bottle is a contemporary interpretation on the medicine bottles of old. Harking back
to the babickas with their bottled tonics and tinctures, the design features a wooden stopper and simple ‘handwritten’
black on white labeling.