Oscar’s On The Green

bringing design to the suburbs

Design can completely change the way an area feels. Which is why its so rewarding to work with local shops and services.

Safegate News is our ‘corner shop’ and has had the same identity for more than 30 years: a friendly local shop, but with uninviting and outdated window graphics. The owner had recently aquired the off licence next door and wanted to unify the two spaces.

Changing the name, creating a brand identity and influencing the colour palette has made a once easily forgettable newsagents into a friendly, smart and stylish local convenience store.

It’s location on the corner of a picturesque green space gave me the idea to link the icon, colour palette and strapline together.

Using a simple illustration style and contemporary typography across the seven large windows gives the customer a snap shot of the variety inside, without compromising on asthetics.


We are really happy with the radical new look for the shop. We had explored lots of different designs before Mel got involved, and her ideas were just perfect.

Its completely changed the look of the parade and we have had lots of great feedback from the local community. She is a pleasure to work with and totally understood our vision.

Neil Patel
Oscar’s on The Green

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