Foodie Eshé

People who love to eat, are always the best people

Brighton Blogger and Photographer Eshé Brown is the brains and beauty behind Foodie Eshé, one of the most delicious Blogs in the Brighton food scene.

Having worked with Eshé at Propellernet I was delighted when she approached me about designing a brand for her uber exciting new project Eshé’s Kitchen.

The brief was a delight, to reflect the clean, marble and copper interiors of the newly styled 1960’s Caravan that was to become her traveling kitchen.

An absolute pleasure to be part of this awesome ‘dreamball’ journey and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds…

Read all about it in Viva Magazine here.
Find out more about Eshé and her project here.


You may think designing a logo and brand image is straightforward – well if you’re Melanie Sramek-Bennett it is.
Mel worked through a series of concepts after coming out physically getting in the kitchen and exploring my blog to get a feel for what I was wanting to convey. She worked with incredible quality and great patience as I kept asking for the moon and stars. The new brand which covers the kitchen and blog is the icing on the cake and now everyone knows who we are when out on the road with the kitchen.

Eshé Brown

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