Ecological Sensibilities

talking about climate action

The Ecological Sensibilities Project is a brilliant new Podcast by Dr Jamie Barnes, exploring themes around climate change, launching as part of the Festival of Social Science.

Aiming to “…explore the multitude of ways that people in contemporary society feel about, think about and act towards the environment. The Ecological Sensibilities Project aims to carry out this research through an unusual methodology. The project seeks to enact social scientific research on Ecological Sensibilities ‘in the open’. Through the Podcast, we want to make explicit and transparent the processes by which social science is done and to draw as many people as possible into that process.

My task was to create a brand for the podcast to reflect this complex subject, exploring how human behaviour and nature is connected and intertwined. Using the brain as an integral part of the tree makes for a meaningful and clever visual representation of this theme. Currently applied digitally across the podcast listing and social media.

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